Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Audition for The Bad Girls Club Season 10

The Bad Girls Club Audition for Season 10

I went to the open casting call hoping I could be on the Bad Girls club cast. Now you may not think it's strange or unique but it was more so. When I was at the Bad girls club auditions for season 10 I met people that you would only think came from Mars or some other foreign world. This is an experience I will never forget. I've seen girls attending the auditions in nothing more than a string that ran parallel to their back bone. I've spotted men pretending to be women and women pretending to be men. There was a bad girl there who had 100 tattoos, 100 body piercings and 100 snakes all on one body. What was really freaky was the way some of them smelled. I doubt they were really there for an audition for Bad Girls Club. I hope Oxygen will not select half of the females there as we do not know what species they are as of yet.

Season 10 Bad Girls Club Audition Videos

Ohh I just went online to watch the Bad Girls Club audition videos and I can't believe who I saw. In the BGC casting video were a group of girls who attended the Bad Girls Club in New Orleans auditions. She is so cute and funny. I really hope she becomes a cast member on one of the season episodes. I never met someone who appeared to be so flawless in beauty and personality. Anyway I hope you guys try to attend casting calls and see some of the people that may one day embrace your TV screens! Ohh yeah and look out for me on Bad Girls Club Season 10 episodes!